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One of the early Sierra On-Line releases, this game lets you design your own boxer before taking him/her/it to the ring. You can play as a black or a white guy, .

Download the Sierra Championship Boxing (USA) ROM for DOS. Filename: Sierra Championship Boxing ()(Sierra On-Line, Inc.) [Sports].zip. Works with .

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World Championship Boxing Manager is a game on MS-DOS Classic 1: Download DOSBox for your Operating System Here; 2: Download and extract World Championship Boxing Manager Game; Basic Sierra Championship Boxing.

Heavyweight Championship Boxing is a game on Game Boy, play Heavyweight Championship Boxing game online in your browser Download Roms Heavyweight Championship Boxing Game Boy Roms Sierra Championship Boxing.

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Title Bout Championship Boxing is the ultimate in computer boxing games simulations with complete statistics, multiple ranking systems, full editing.

Championship Boxing, GBID: a.k.a. "Sierra Championship Boxing" but you should only download and keep this game if you own the original.

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